Careers in Audio: What’s your Connection?

Discuss ways to get connected in professional audio through internships in the fields of audio integration or broadcast production! Our panel will include:

Eric Brown, general manager of audio installer American Sound & Electronics’ Indianapolis office

Eric French, the senior broadcast technician at WOSU Public Media

Lesley Ann Fogle, AES Columbus Section Chair, Music Tech Internship Coordinator

Jay Dill, Indiana Section chair, moderating

Join us for a discussion on building skills across segments of the audio industry, making connections, and preparing yourself for an internship or job to jump-start your career!

More about our panelists:

Eric M. Brown has 27+ years of experience in the field of Technology, Audio-Visual and Conferencing Integration.  He has built relationships and worked with local, state, national and global accounts to design and deliver solutions that help our partners focus on their business initiatives and not the technology they require to streamline their day-to-day meetings and activity.  For the past 12+ years, Eric has provided leadership for the engineering and operations teams supporting our partners, ensuring customer satisfaction and project success is delivered at the highest quality.

Eric French has worked in audio production for 20+ years as an audio engineer, broadcast technician, teacher and musician.  He is the senior broadcast technician at WOSU Public Media as well as a partner at GBS Records.  Eric is a graduate of Capital University and The Recording Workshop.

Lesley Ann Fogle studied vocal performance, but in wanting to fully understand sound, she shifted to the technical side and quickly worked her way up in Chicago’s audio post-production industry. While working at Cutters, she landed a gig as the voice of Nintendo, and joined SAG, and went freelance on the audio side (Hear No Evil Sound in 2004). Years later, returning home to Ohio and adapting to a market where audio is often hyphened to video, she rebuilt her client base by showcasing the importance of dedicated sound polish to final picture.

When: Wednesday, February 8, 2022

Time: 7:00 P.M. EST

Where: Free webinar!

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