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IMS Productions Truck Tour

IMS Productions has been broadcasting live IndyCar races for over 30 years. Matt Vice will give a tour through the various production trucks used to create and deliver content to national broadcasters.

Due to limited space we will be enforcing timed ticket entry.

When: Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Time: Tours begin at 4:30 PM followed by Q&A at 6:00 PM

Where: IMS Productions Broadcast Truck 

Gate 9A – Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Registration Required:

Meeting Report: Careers in Audio – What’s Your Connection? Winter 2023

Meeting Topic: Careers in Audio: What’s your connection? (Winter 2023)

Moderator Name: Jay Dill

Speaker Name: Eric French, WOSU; Eric Brown, American Sound & Electronics; Lesley Ann Fogle, AES Columbus Section Chair

Meeting Location: virtual (Zoom)

The second joint meeting of the Indiana and Columbus, OH sections began with a round of introductions from our panelists. Eric French is a senior broadcast technician and engineer at WOSU, which encompasses multiple radio stations, as well as TV broadcasting. Eric Brown is the general manager of American Sound’s Indianapolis office, managing a team implementing a variety of audio, video, and other technical solutions for a wide range of projects. Lesley Ann Fogle rounded out the panel to lend her expertise as the internship coordinator at Capital University’s music technology program.

The panel began by discussing the internship programs at both entities. For American Sound’s internship program, the focus is on getting interns into the field ASAP. This provides context for the complexity of projects, as well what goes into a successful project; understanding the overlap between skillsets and interdependence of different departments is critical to a smooth project.

WOSU’s intern program tends to draw heavily from higher education institutions, word of mouth, and even the armed forces. Interns tend to arrive with either musical or computer engineering backgrounds, and find homes in departments closely related to their background. Most interns are started with hands-on tasks that illustrate attention to detail and the ability to meet deadlines; this provides an important gauge of an intern’s capabilities to move on to broadcast-critical tasks.

The panelists agreed that willingness to learn and apply existing skills in new ways are critical characteristics of a successful intern. In both programs, interns may find themselves outside of their areas of knowledge, so a teachable disposition and a desire to learn are important. On the job training is available in both cases. Diligence and reliability were also highlighted as key skills. Eric French also noted that trying new things can often lead interns to reorient their careers to different areas of the industry with which they had no prior experience. The panel also highlighted an understanding that the work isn’t always glamourous, but everyone does what it takes to keep projects moving and the station on the air.

Discussion then moved to obtaining and internship or job. The key word from all was “persistence”; keep calling, keep networking, and make connections through industry organizations like the AES. Also important is researching your potential employer to understand what they do and how your skills overlap with that entity.

The discussion concluded with Q&A with the panel.

Written By: Brett Leonard

Careers in Audio: What’s your Connection?

Discuss ways to get connected in professional audio through internships in the fields of audio integration or broadcast production! Our panel will include:

Eric Brown, general manager of audio installer American Sound & Electronics’ Indianapolis office

Eric French, the senior broadcast technician at WOSU Public Media

Lesley Ann Fogle, AES Columbus Section Chair, Music Tech Internship Coordinator

Jay Dill, Indiana Section chair, moderating

Join us for a discussion on building skills across segments of the audio industry, making connections, and preparing yourself for an internship or job to jump-start your career!

More about our panelists:

Eric M. Brown has 27+ years of experience in the field of Technology, Audio-Visual and Conferencing Integration.  He has built relationships and worked with local, state, national and global accounts to design and deliver solutions that help our partners focus on their business initiatives and not the technology they require to streamline their day-to-day meetings and activity.  For the past 12+ years, Eric has provided leadership for the engineering and operations teams supporting our partners, ensuring customer satisfaction and project success is delivered at the highest quality.

Eric French has worked in audio production for 20+ years as an audio engineer, broadcast technician, teacher and musician.  He is the senior broadcast technician at WOSU Public Media as well as a partner at GBS Records.  Eric is a graduate of Capital University and The Recording Workshop.

Lesley Ann Fogle studied vocal performance, but in wanting to fully understand sound, she shifted to the technical side and quickly worked her way up in Chicago’s audio post-production industry. While working at Cutters, she landed a gig as the voice of Nintendo, and joined SAG, and went freelance on the audio side (Hear No Evil Sound in 2004). Years later, returning home to Ohio and adapting to a market where audio is often hyphened to video, she rebuilt her client base by showcasing the importance of dedicated sound polish to final picture.

When: Wednesday, February 8, 2022

Time: 7:00 P.M. EST

Where: Free webinar!

Register now to receive live webinar link:

January 2023 Newsletter

 New Year’s Greetings to AES members of the Indiana Section
This is the first edition newsletter for members of the AES – Indiana Section.  We hope to provide newsletters on a semi-annual basis, to keep members informed of upcoming events, and to foster a greater sense of community and connectedness among area audio professionals. 
We are now the INDIANA Section!
After years of pondering the possibility of changing our Section name to the Indiana Section, we have finally been able to realize that goal.  The name change was officially approved by the AES Board of Governors, July 2022.  Thank you for your support in voting for this change.  We also thank Bill Schulenburg, Central Region VP, for his support and guidance through this process. 
The Executive Committee felt it was important to provide a stronger link – a sense of belonging to AES, even though one may never get to an in-person event in our geographic area.  Words and names convey meanings – in our case, feedback revealed that “central” Indiana had created a sense of exclusion for some members outside that area.  The Indiana Section is a resource and connection point for AES members who live or work anywhere in the state! 
Meeting topics and/or presentations being developed or considered for 2023
The Executive Committee plans to have at least six (6) meetings/events per year.  Obviously, this may vary depending on availability, scheduling and even weather.  Numerous ideas and possible meeting topics are in various planning stages: 

  • Career panel event
  • House of worship tour
  • Local recording studio visit
  • Sports broadcasting
  • Multi-media staging & production
  • Local/state manufacturer update/presentation
  • Audio over IP/Dante/Dante Domain Manager/AES67
  • Sound design for theatrical production
  • Tour/meeting – consortium of studio facilities

Please watch your email for announcements of upcoming events.

Member input
Your input, feedback and ideas for Section activities are important and always welcome.  New developments, approaches and technologies call for our attention.  We strive to be a part of today’s and tomorrow’s audio industries, while respecting the past and all that has brought us together. 

Bi-annual Election & Membership
The Indiana Section, established in 1975, is a small Section in a relatively small state.  Officers and Committee members are volunteers from among our members.   Encouraging AES membership and actively participating in Section events is the primary way to ensure and grow our Section and its profile in the area.  New leaders, bringing various backgrounds, are critical to the continuation of an active and meaningful Section.  Our bi-annual election of officers and committee members is coming up later this year.  As that time approaches, please consider stepping up to serve on the Executive Committee.  Questions about serving, terms, etc. should be directed to:

AES Member Benefits
The AES organization has constantly been seeking ways to offer meaningful benefits to its members.  Here are just a few:
Benefits & Discounts
AES members enjoy the lowest prices for AES events, publications, and merchandise, plus exclusive discounts from our partners.
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Also, the Live Video-on-demand Library has hundreds of recordings on many topics.  

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Indiana Executive Committee – Officers & Members

Jay Dill, Chair
Nate Sparks, Vice-Chair
Brett Leonard, Secretary
Phil Hodson, Treasurer
Barrie Zimmerman
Matt Cast
AJ Fager
Jeff Gardner
Tim Hsu
Luke Molloy
Sean Rollins

Meeting Report: Careers in Audio – What’s Your Connection? Fall 2022

Meeting Topic: Careers in Audio: What’s your connection?

Moderator Name: Jay Dill

Speaker Name: Ted Chandler, Markey’s Rental & Staging; Lesley Ann Fogle, AES Columbus Section Chair; Paul Kavicky, Columbus Association for the Performing Arts

Meeting Location: virtual (Zoom)


This joint virtual meeting of the Indiana and Columbus, OH sections began with introductions from the diverse group of panelist. Paul Kavicky serves as the head of audio-video production at Columbus Association for the Performing Arts (CAPA), where he serves as department head for audio at show sites where audio is produced internally. Ted Chandler worked his way through the hierarchy of Markey’s, ranging from driver to on-site audio technician, and most recently as Training and Development Manager. In addition to her work in location sound and audio post production, Lesley Ann Fogle also serves as adjunct faculty at Capital University’s music technology program where she coordinates student internship experiences.

The discussion began with Markey’s internship program, which focuses on immediate hands-on application of audio skills, but quickly expands to other trades such as video and lighting. CAPA’s internship program typically places participants at a smaller (500-seat) theatre where production is handled in-house. Both allow interns to learn the intangibles of work pacing and inter-department coordination. Certain audio skills are assumed, but an intern shines through a strong work ethic, contentiousness, people skills, and a focus on accomplishing the task at hand. For Markey’s having a secondary knowledge in staging, lighting, video, or others can also be a huge asset. All agreed that applying knowledge to new situations and troubleshooting were also important.

Preparation for an internship is critical, as well. Leslie starts students by conducting research about companies before reaching out about an internship. Persistence and proper self-presentation are key components, as well. A well-formed resume and cover letter showing effort are important, and presenting a professional image with appropriate dress and punctuality is critical. For Paul, applicants may be brought on for a single gig to showcase both hard and soft skills.

An intern’s duties vary, as well. For both CAPA and Markey’s, interns not only focus on their production specialty, but will also expand in their range of experience to other disciplines. Hands-on work begins on day one with the expectation that interns both work and observe, and may quickly find themselves serving a role within a production, given the right attitude and skillset.

The session concluded questions from the audience. Questions touched on topics such as unpaid internships, opportunities for military veterans and less client-facing roles within the industry, and ways to make yourself stand out on the job.

Written By: Brett Leonard