Welcome to the website for the Indiana Section of the Audio Engineering Society (AES).  Reactivated in 2001, we have seen numerous years of exciting activity and have an action packed schedule planned for 2023.

For AES members who never have attended a Section event, please be aware that you are always welcome at any AES activity and that your opinions are always valued. So, feel free to contact us!

Finally, all audio professionals and students in the Indiana area are invited and encouraged to attend an AES meeting, regardless of membership, since they are a great way to keep current in the world of audio technology, contribute to one’s overall professional growth and make connections with others in the field.

Note: The Section generally holds meetings on the third Wednesday or Thursday of every other month contingent upon guest and venue availability, and with the exception of the summer season, during which time more flexibility is exercised. For more information you are welcome to contact us.