Bill Whitlock “An Overview of Audio System Grounding and Interfacing”


“An Overview of Audio System Grounding and Interfacing”
presented by Bill Whitlock

When: 7:00-10:00pm, September 4, 2012 — Doors open at 7pm

J.W. Marriott Hotel — Grand Ballroom 7-8
10 S. West Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204 (primary address) (map).

The meeting will be held in the hotel’s Grand Ballroom.  Refreshments will be provided.  Paid parking is available onsite or across the street at the Indiana State Museum.


The Central Indiana AES is pleased to welcome Bill Whitlock to Indianapolis for an in depth discussion regarding audio syatem grounding and interfacing.  Bill will share his knowledge and experience, revealing the true causes of system noise and ground loops. Unbalanced interfaces are exquisitely vulnerable to noise due to an intrinsic problem . Although balanced interfaces are theoretically noise-free, they’re widely misunderstood by equipment designers, which often results in inadequate noise rejection in real-world systems. Because of a widespread design error, some equipment has a built-in noise problem . Simple, no-test-equipment, troubleshooting methods can pinpoint the location and cause of system noise. Ground isolators in the signal path solve the fundamental noise coupling problems. Also discussed are unbalanced to balanced connections, RF interference, and power line treatments. Bill will also point out some widely used “cures” that are both illegal and deadly.

Bill Whitlock has designed analog electronics since 1972, serving as chief electronics engineer for Quad-Eight, Laserium®, and Capitol Records prior to joining Jensen Transformers in 1989 after Deane Jensen’s untimely death. His writings have been published in the AES Journal, Glen Ballou’s “Handbook for Sound Engineers,” Doug Self’s “Audio Engineering Explained,” nearly all Jensen white papers, and numerous magazine articles. Bill is also active in standards work for AES, UL, IEC, and CEA.

His four patents include the InGenius® balanced line receiver IC and the ExactPower® high-speed, waveform-correcting AC voltage regulator. He’s a Life Fellow of the AES and a Life Senior Member of the IEEE.

Please RSVP if you intend on coming and feel free to bring non-AES members, all are welcome.  We look forward to seeing you there. Attendance is free but seating is limited to 150, so please RSVP