Meeting Report: A Tour of Lucas Oil Stadium

The Central Indiana Section of the Audio Engineering Society recently held its first summer meeting on June 26, 2012 with a near-record attendance of almost 30 members! The first part of the meeting featured dinner hosted at Shapiro’s Deli courtesy of the Section for members which was certainly a hit with everyone in attendance, followed by a tour of Lucas Oil Stadium.

That’s right, dinner and a tour! The tour was courtesy of the Lucas Oil Stadium Sound & Lighting Department’s very own Floyd Paulsen with assistance from systems integrator and friend of the Central Indiana Section ESCO Communications.

Click the rack of amplifiers to view more pictures!

Floyd took the section on a compressive tour of the stadium, including the field level where he discussed the complex system of speaker arrays and delays in the bowl, one of the amazing amplifier rack rooms, the press box, and the video and audio production suites. Along the way the section also received demonstrations of the Media Matrix and Crown Hi-Q operating systems which were in use throughout the installation.

The meeting was absolutely a must-attend for anyone interested in live production and installed sound and we are very thankful to Floyd, Lucas Oil Stadium Sound & Lighting, and ESCO Communications for their generosity and support of the section. Those interested can find a digital version of the handout distributed at the meeting here on ESCO Communications website.

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