Meeting Report & Recording – March 2011 – John Murray And The 2010 NFPA 72 Fire Code

At this, the second of our meetings scheduled for the year which was held on March 17th, 2011 at 7pm, we were privileged to have John Murray speak on the new 2010 NFPA 72 fire code.

John has been an Audio Engineering Society member since 1980, is the principal and founder of Optimum System Solutions, and has seen a distinguished 30+ year career within the industry.

John Murray speaking to the Central Indiana AES. Click for more pictures.

A small but enthusiastic group was present at this meeting, which opened with brief introductions and announcements, moving directly to the presentation.

In his presentation, John discussed the new NFPA-72 regulations and how they relate to speech intelligibility and therefore to STI measurements. He explained how these measurements and the achievement of good speech intelligibility are necessary to meet the new regulations. John also demonstrated the process of measuring and evaluating STI in several spaces to show what is required and what measurements are required to pass the new code.

Another topic discussed were the various types of systems described within the code and what requirements regarding UL certified equipment and speech intelligibility would apply, and why this code change was an opportunity for contractors.

It was indicated that the new code imposes certain responsibilities upon those same contractors to design and install systems which would meet the new requirements. This means that the contractors will need to learn more about STI and testing in order to properly design and install projects to meet the new requirements.

The meeting was brought to us courtesy of Renkus-Heinz, Inc. and McFadden Sales., and our thanks go out to ESCO Communications for the continued use of their facilities.

With this meeting we’ve continued our initiative of recording events for archival purposes and to allow for participation from members unable to travel. The recording from this meeting is available below for playback. As well, those who are so inclined can also download the recording for playback in their audio program of choice. Our apologies in advance for the somewhat boomy nature of the recording.

We’d like to thank all who were in attendance. As always, those with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact us.