Meeting Report & Recording – January 2011 – Acoustic Treatment: Why & How

At this, the first of our meetings scheduled for the year which was held on January 27th, 2011 at 7pm, we regrettably had to deviate from our previously scheduled speaker.

Just hours before our meeting Eric Smith, Founder & President of Auralex Acoustics Inc., had to beg off the meeting due to rather severe illness.

Thankfully, Eric was kind enough to ensure that the Section was able to meet for the first time of the year and asked Andy Teipen and Emily Frame of to fill in. They spoke on “Acoustic Treatment: Why & How.” Eric will present his original topic “Bass Traps – What They Are, How They Are Made, And How To Use Them” in the year to come.

Emily Frame & Andy Teipen. Click for more pictures.

We opened the meeting by discussing the Section’s history and our proposed schedule for the remainder of the year. As well, we discussed opportunities of involvement in the section and throughout the region.

In the presentation of “Acoustic Treatment: Why & How,” Andy and Emily discussed the broad acoustical needs of most users and what acoustical treatments (Auralex and otherwise) can be used to solve them.

As promised, we’ve begun recording our meetings for archival purposes and to allow for participation from members unable to travel. The recording from this meeting is available below for playback. As well, those who are so inclined can also download the recording for playback in their audio program of choice.

We’d like to thank all who were in attendance for our first meeting and hope to serve our section well in the coming year. As always, those with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact us.