2010 Section Survey — Results

Question 1: As an AES member, please rate the activities in order of importance and/or value to you (1st, 2nd 3rd, etc.).

Question 2: How often would you most likely be able to attend Section meetings?

Question 3: What is your preference for day/evening of the week?

Question 4: What general Section activities are of the most interest to you (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)?

  • Tours of area facilities (businesses, manufacturing, broadcasting, concert halls, recording studios, stadiums/arenas, worship facilities, etc.)
  • Presentations by manufacturers that highlight the technology, design and other criteria
  • Guest speakers – a variety of topics
  • Hands-on opportunities/demonstrations/training with equipment
  • Workshops – perhaps an occasional Saturday morning (or afternoon) session with a more structured plan (seminar, lecture, etc.)
  • Networking and social opportunities
  • A mix of all the above

Question 5: Primarily for those with full-time jobs – would your company consider allowing you to leave work early (say 3:30p or 4:00p), with pay (as a professional growth activity) to attend an AES event/meeting that were to begin by 4:00p or 4:30p?

Yes: 62.5%
No: 37.5%

Question 6: What is the best time for a meeting?

Late afternoon (4:00p, 4:30p or 5:00p): 25%
Evening (7:00p or 7:30p): 75%

Question 7: To what extent is travel to/from AES Section meetings a concern for you?

Question 8: What mileage/time factor (one-way) is reasonable?

Question 9: Would an occasional meeting in other locations (Ex., Bloomington, W Lafayette, Muncie, etc.) be reasonable for you to attend?

Yes: 94.74%
No: 5.26%

Question 9b: OR, should all meetings be in the Indianapolis metro area?

Yes: 10.53%
N0: 89.47%

Question 12: If, occasionally, we were able to provide live streaming for a meeting, would you be able and/or interested in watching and/or participating?

Yes: 90%
No: 10%

Question 12b: OR, is an in-person meeting generally the best experience?

Yes: 81.25%
No: 18.75%

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