Meeting Report — October 25, 2005

Date: October 25, 2005, 7 pm
Topic: Hearing Conservation presented by L. Dawn Flinn, MS CCC-A
Section Business: Planning for upcoming election of officers and a discussion of future meeting plans.
Place: ESCO Communications Training Room Indianapolis, IN
8940 Vincennes Circle. Indianapolis, IN 46268

L.Dawn Flinn, MS CCC-A.

Dawn is a statelicensed and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association certified audiologist specializing in hearing conservation. With a Speech and Hearing Sciences from Indiana University and an Audiology from Northeastern University in Boston -her skills have given her a strong foundation in audiology expertise while promoting the importance of hearing healthcare.

Dawn began her presentation with explaining hearing physiology. She highlighted areas affected by natural processes like disease and age and those affected by exposure to environmental conditions like loud music and noise. Dawn explained how hearing is tested and charted by audiologists. Those in the audience with acousitical backgrounds paid particular attention to the fact that audiologists and acoustical engineers chart sound pressure changes in different ways. Dawn concluded her talk by presenting hearing protection solutions ranging from custom ear devices to off-the-shelf devices.

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